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Marriage thoughts

The social media has been going crazy with protest this or ban that. So much negativity and even hate. God spoke truth, in love! I have to rein in my own emotions and how I react to items in the news or on sharing sites.  It is not about bashing anyone but it is about taking a stance. Here are some of the thoughts I have had recently.

It is important to stand up for marriage between one man and one woman for several reasons. Here’s one: a society needs to have a line in the sand when it comes to truth! No gray areas, truth as truth. When that line in the sand is washed away society starts to crumble. Gray areas start to become bigger and values start to decay. Without a set of values and morals people become less important. Government starts to define truth as they see it. We must have a line that is drawn in the sand based a set of values that do not waver. This is just one area that the line is being washed away. There are so many more. How soon will it be before your right to live will be decided by a judge who thinks the cost of your care is too expensive? Where are his values coming from?

There was a post on someone page about people protesting gay marriages but not protesting divorce. This got me thinking about how we protest something. I do believe that we are protesting divorce when we offer up tools to create a stronger marriage, a stronger family. We protest divorce when we try to help a couple reconcile. We protest divorce by renewing our vows in front of our friends and when we stay together even when we go through the valleys. Marriage between one man and one woman is the backbone of the world. The commitment to one person makes the family stronger, the children more secure and the morals and values defined. Divorce is wrong and listening to a hurting couple is our protest! Don’t underestimate the power of love!

We have a responsibility to love people, it was the second most important commandment that Jesus gave us. He said, “love your neighbors as yourself.”

I know that these truths are ones that need to be shared in face to face conversations but I also believe that we can use social media sites to spread God’s message. I pray that God can use me to share His passion for marriage, for people and for each of our eternal futures.


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