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So much has happened in our life over the last few months. 2013 was a year of changes. We moved into a new home, led several marriage events, started mentoring several young couples and so much more. We are so blessed.

2014 is already going to be a wonderful year because we are adding a daughter to our family! Sean & Yelena will be married on March 10 in Carmel, CA! I am so excited for both of them. They have been saving and planning for a very long time and it is now 25 days away! I hate shopping but a few weeks ago a dear friend spent the entire day with me so I could find a dress to wear to the wedding.  I actually came home with two dresses.  I haven’t decided which one to keep yet! Our plane tickets are purchased, our hotel room is booked and we are counting the days!

We were able to spend Christmas with Sean & Yelena in Chicago. We celebrated at Yelena’s apartment. we opened our stockings first and then Yelena made french toast for breakfast! Presents came next and the wrapping paper was flying. We had the best day with them! A new tradition begins!


In the meantime, we also added another new girl to our family! This one is a beagle mix puppy. Her name is Gracie and she is around 6 months old. She is a huge personality and her training is going well. My goal is to get her Therapy Dog certified so I can take her into hospitals and nursing homes to love on others.

Our New girl

Our New girl

Our future is forever changing but one thing I know, God is in control and I can trust him! More to come….


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