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God’s Plans

A very dear couple we know awaited the birth of their 2nd child last year. Due to complications during her birth she has some brain injuries.  The doctors are helping this family learn and grow together during the process of waiting to see what the future holds. Sometimes it is hard to watch them go through this season without being able to fix everything.  Their hopes for a perfect child were dashed but their joy with this baby is also magnified.  They know that God is holding them all together and that He has a plan and a purpose for this young life. But some days are tough. Anger and tears come at a moments notice. But they continue to hold tight to God. They go sledding with their other child, they attend church where they both serve others,  they learn new medical procedures that they never expected to need, they buy groceries and have dinners together. The future according to the world is uncertain yet the future according to God has already been written. For this minute that is all they need.

For me watching this family I feel useless yet I also see glimpses of God’s glory.  When we moved to Richmond we build our house to be wheelchair accessible.  We thought we knew why we designed our home with these extra features but now I see a glimpse of the possibilities.  This young child will probably need a ramp to get into our home to visit, we have that ramp. The bathroom is wider and has support handles around the toilet and tub to assist. There are no barriers to this dear family visiting us! How wonderful to know that we can have them over and they won’t have to think about these things.  It is just a reminder that God gives us little gifts during our struggles.

I have learned that in the darkest times there is a light but I have to look for it and I have to be able to adjust my thinking. God is always by our side, no matter what the circumstances. This makes all the difference!

To our dear friends: we love you all!


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