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I’m Back!

Yes it has been almost a year since I have written anything.  I have missed sharing our lives here. So…

We are attending Village Church of Midlothian and we are very involved in several different areas.  I am the Serve Team Leader for the Welcoming Team, Rick is involved in Men’s Discipleship and together we are involved in Marriage Ministry.  This is my absolute favorite area.  We have had the honor to help with premarital counseling for several couples over the last two years, as well as leading three Art of Marriage events and two Marriage Oneness studies.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, marriage is very important to us.

With all of the tough stuff happening in the world, life can be very over whelming at times but when we focus on sharing the message of the Gospel in the realm of marriage then we know God can use us to make a difference. My biggest challenge is not to get ahead of God!

But I have also had some emotional struggles, in the last few months especially.  I miss Tonia more than I have in a very, very long time. Mother’s Day was very hard. I had a phone call from Sean but missed the call and we never connected the rest of the day. I did not feel very loved or honored.  Rick was great and he let me set the tone for the day.  We got a lot of projects done around the house! It has been hard not having Sean communicate.  He is married and he is a guy, both of these facts affect our communication.  I have been learning to keep my distance and to lower my expectations, for now.  Maybe one day he will want to share life with us. With his lack of communication and with Tonia being gone means that I don’t FEEL like a mother most of the time.  So my identity needs to be in God.  Some days this is harder than other days.  I try to stay grounded in God’s word and I try to stay busy but sometimes I have a pity party. Then I need Rick to kick me in the butt and I need to remember the blessings that I receive daily!

As life continues on we are delighted to be able to love on other young couples and their children! As I continue this blog I will be sharing some thoughts on how to grow closer to God and each other in your marriage!

Comments on: "I’m Back!" (2)

  1. It is very difficult when our children are away or struggling and there is very little done or mentioned on a day set aside for mother’s. I feel your pain and know that like my own children, yours love/loved you very much. We are at a season in life where we are exploring new possibilities and finding that parts of us that have been such a strong mark of our identities are changing. You are very dear to me and I truly apologize for not being more in touch. We NEED to plan and make sure we DO a fun weekend together this year. I love you Kathy!!! You are such a blessing to me and I thank God for you!

    • Kathy Brundage said:

      Julie, You are such a sweetheart! God continues to help me grow and lean on him! We do need to get together!

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