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What I can do to Promote Biblical marriage!

We have heard all of the responses to the recent Supreme Court decision and I was starting to get a bit discouraged. What can I do to change this situation? What is this world coming to? What will happen next?

But then I started thinking about what the Bible tells me to do: In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16

It is even more important today and tomorrow that we stand for marriage in our own lives. We need to be putting the priority on having the strongest marriage around. Our children and our children’s children will need to have truth modeled for them. The generations to come will be living in a country where Biblical truth about marriage will be condemned. It is up to us to teach others that Marriage was, is and ever will be a covenant between God and one man and one woman.  Our children are hearing that this is wrong. They are being taught the a sin is being accepted and even embraced by the world.

What can we do: Draw closer to God and to each other, Model biblical marriage, Attend every seminar and class promoting a strong marriage, Talk about your marriage and How God is being honored. We need to be the light in the darkness now more than ever.

Rick and I have been passionate about marriage for a very long time. We love to teach and speak about how God changed us and changed the Legacy of generations. We love to sit down with couples who are struggling and help them to find their center in God.  We would love to talk to you about your marriage! Our pastors at Village Church would love to talk to you about your marriage.  Stand strong. Be convicted!

Marriage = God + Man + Woman

Marriage = God + Man + Woman

I’m Back!

Yes it has been almost a year since I have written anything.  I have missed sharing our lives here. So…

We are attending Village Church of Midlothian and we are very involved in several different areas.  I am the Serve Team Leader for the Welcoming Team, Rick is involved in Men’s Discipleship and together we are involved in Marriage Ministry.  This is my absolute favorite area.  We have had the honor to help with premarital counseling for several couples over the last two years, as well as leading three Art of Marriage events and two Marriage Oneness studies.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, marriage is very important to us.

With all of the tough stuff happening in the world, life can be very over whelming at times but when we focus on sharing the message of the Gospel in the realm of marriage then we know God can use us to make a difference. My biggest challenge is not to get ahead of God!

But I have also had some emotional struggles, in the last few months especially.  I miss Tonia more than I have in a very, very long time. Mother’s Day was very hard. I had a phone call from Sean but missed the call and we never connected the rest of the day. I did not feel very loved or honored.  Rick was great and he let me set the tone for the day.  We got a lot of projects done around the house! It has been hard not having Sean communicate.  He is married and he is a guy, both of these facts affect our communication.  I have been learning to keep my distance and to lower my expectations, for now.  Maybe one day he will want to share life with us. With his lack of communication and with Tonia being gone means that I don’t FEEL like a mother most of the time.  So my identity needs to be in God.  Some days this is harder than other days.  I try to stay grounded in God’s word and I try to stay busy but sometimes I have a pity party. Then I need Rick to kick me in the butt and I need to remember the blessings that I receive daily!

As life continues on we are delighted to be able to love on other young couples and their children! As I continue this blog I will be sharing some thoughts on how to grow closer to God and each other in your marriage!

God’s Plans

A very dear couple we know awaited the birth of their 2nd child last year. Due to complications during her birth she has some brain injuries.  The doctors are helping this family learn and grow together during the process of waiting to see what the future holds. Sometimes it is hard to watch them go through this season without being able to fix everything.  Their hopes for a perfect child were dashed but their joy with this baby is also magnified.  They know that God is holding them all together and that He has a plan and a purpose for this young life. But some days are tough. Anger and tears come at a moments notice. But they continue to hold tight to God. They go sledding with their other child, they attend church where they both serve others,  they learn new medical procedures that they never expected to need, they buy groceries and have dinners together. The future according to the world is uncertain yet the future according to God has already been written. For this minute that is all they need.

For me watching this family I feel useless yet I also see glimpses of God’s glory.  When we moved to Richmond we build our house to be wheelchair accessible.  We thought we knew why we designed our home with these extra features but now I see a glimpse of the possibilities.  This young child will probably need a ramp to get into our home to visit, we have that ramp. The bathroom is wider and has support handles around the toilet and tub to assist. There are no barriers to this dear family visiting us! How wonderful to know that we can have them over and they won’t have to think about these things.  It is just a reminder that God gives us little gifts during our struggles.

I have learned that in the darkest times there is a light but I have to look for it and I have to be able to adjust my thinking. God is always by our side, no matter what the circumstances. This makes all the difference!

To our dear friends: we love you all!

2014, A New Puppy Adoption & Wedding Bells

So much has happened in our life over the last few months. 2013 was a year of changes. We moved into a new home, led several marriage events, started mentoring several young couples and so much more. We are so blessed.

2014 is already going to be a wonderful year because we are adding a daughter to our family! Sean & Yelena will be married on March 10 in Carmel, CA! I am so excited for both of them. They have been saving and planning for a very long time and it is now 25 days away! I hate shopping but a few weeks ago a dear friend spent the entire day with me so I could find a dress to wear to the wedding.  I actually came home with two dresses.  I haven’t decided which one to keep yet! Our plane tickets are purchased, our hotel room is booked and we are counting the days!

We were able to spend Christmas with Sean & Yelena in Chicago. We celebrated at Yelena’s apartment. we opened our stockings first and then Yelena made french toast for breakfast! Presents came next and the wrapping paper was flying. We had the best day with them! A new tradition begins!


In the meantime, we also added another new girl to our family! This one is a beagle mix puppy. Her name is Gracie and she is around 6 months old. She is a huge personality and her training is going well. My goal is to get her Therapy Dog certified so I can take her into hospitals and nursing homes to love on others.

Our New girl

Our New girl

Our future is forever changing but one thing I know, God is in control and I can trust him! More to come….

Where we focus

Facebook has evolved into a social media outlet that I am not sure I like anymore. I joined  to be able to keep up on people’s lives, especially the teenagers we were working with. It was a great place to share pictures, encouragement and updates about our life.

Recently it has been full of stories about all of the things going wrong in the world. Look at this, protest me, share this video, spread the news to your friends.  I don’t have a problem with people getting passionate about something. What I do have a problem with is Not sharing the only response and answer to all of these problems.  Revelation tells us that the world as it once was is going to fall apart and end! Government will try to take over everything and our faith will become ridiculed and even outlawed.  Guess what? We win! We win if we have accepted Christ as our Savior. He has and will overcome the world.

It is never too late to accept the gift of eternity… Until it is too late! Accept Christ, love your spouse and children, love your neighbor as yourself and spread the Gospel message to all nations. That fills up the years I have left here on Earth!

Do I have an eternal mindset or one that is only focusing on the here and now? I confess that I struggle with this concept at times. News events and posts make me cranky and tired. I get blue when I can’t change anything around me.  Then I remember the story of the little boy on a beach filled with starfish. He was walking along picking one up and throwing it back into the water.  A man walked up to him and told him that he couldn’t save all of the starfish so why bother at all.  The little boy looked at the one in his hand, threw it into the water and said, “I made a difference to this one!”

So today and tomorrow I will focus on trying to make a difference in just one person’s life with a hug, a kind word, or a portion of truth from scripture. I may not solve all of the problems of this world but maybe someone will join me in eternity!


Marriage thoughts

The social media has been going crazy with protest this or ban that. So much negativity and even hate. God spoke truth, in love! I have to rein in my own emotions and how I react to items in the news or on sharing sites.  It is not about bashing anyone but it is about taking a stance. Here are some of the thoughts I have had recently.

It is important to stand up for marriage between one man and one woman for several reasons. Here’s one: a society needs to have a line in the sand when it comes to truth! No gray areas, truth as truth. When that line in the sand is washed away society starts to crumble. Gray areas start to become bigger and values start to decay. Without a set of values and morals people become less important. Government starts to define truth as they see it. We must have a line that is drawn in the sand based a set of values that do not waver. This is just one area that the line is being washed away. There are so many more. How soon will it be before your right to live will be decided by a judge who thinks the cost of your care is too expensive? Where are his values coming from?

There was a post on someone page about people protesting gay marriages but not protesting divorce. This got me thinking about how we protest something. I do believe that we are protesting divorce when we offer up tools to create a stronger marriage, a stronger family. We protest divorce when we try to help a couple reconcile. We protest divorce by renewing our vows in front of our friends and when we stay together even when we go through the valleys. Marriage between one man and one woman is the backbone of the world. The commitment to one person makes the family stronger, the children more secure and the morals and values defined. Divorce is wrong and listening to a hurting couple is our protest! Don’t underestimate the power of love!

We have a responsibility to love people, it was the second most important commandment that Jesus gave us. He said, “love your neighbors as yourself.”

I know that these truths are ones that need to be shared in face to face conversations but I also believe that we can use social media sites to spread God’s message. I pray that God can use me to share His passion for marriage, for people and for each of our eternal futures.