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Oaxaca, Mexico mission trip

In January I had no intention of traveling overseas in 2016. But then…. It seems that every time I get an idea of what life is going to be like But then… God steers me in a new direction.  To get up to speed: In January a young woman in our church, Christy, came and spoke about the journey she has been on with the people of Mexico.  She has been there for 15 months telling Bible stories, sharing the Gospel and becoming a part of the lives of the people there.  She spoke about an idea that she wanted to implement. She wanted to teach the women of the village how to use a sewing machine! But she didn’t know how to sew very well.  So she laid the idea at God’s feet and opened herself up to his plan.  God then called myself and two other ladies from Village Church of Midlothian to be a part of this plan. In less than 10 weeks we will be flying to Mexico!

The idea is to take a few sewing machine with us to teach the ladies how to use them and then leave them in the village.  Right now the women hand embroider the various pieces of a shirt, an apron or other project. The pieces are then taken to someone who sews them and then sells them in the market or the stores in the city.  The women make very little for their beautiful and time consuming work.  Once they have the means to complete their own projects then they can sell them for a greater profit. We are also going to teach basic hemming and other skills for their every day life.

My fellow travelers are Carey and Tina.  We are so excited! There are fundraising activities starting and projects being planned.  We are deciding on what projects to start with and also how to leave them with more ideas for after we leave.

I will update you as time goes on and I will be posting pictures as I can! Please keep us in your prayers!


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